Je t'instruirai et te montrerai la voie que tu dois suivre ;
Je te conseillerai, j'aurai le regard sur toi.
Psaume 32:8
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Église Évangélique
50, rue du Maréchal Joffre
92700 Colombes, FRANCE
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Mardi 21 mai 2019
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jeudi, 08 juillet 2004
1. The « Raynaud period »: 1903-1933

1901: The Raynaud family settled in Colombes.

Rev. Raynaud
1902: Mr. and Mrs Émile Raynaud left the Salvation Army and began to organize Christian meetings in Colombes.
1903: Both were baptized in the church located rue Meslay, in Paris (this Church is now called “église du Tabernacle”).
November 29th, 1903: First public meeting in a rented hall located: 27, rue Saint-Denis, Villa Courtanvaux in Colombes.
About 25 people attended this meeting. The group was then an annex of the Church of the “rue Meslay”.

1905: A law is passed. The separation of the Church and the State.

1907: The Church of Colombes became independent, with Mr Raynaud as its minister.
1908: The Church of Colombes has been set up as an “association cultuelle”.

1909: Construction of a building on a field located rue des Aubépines (Now named: rue du Maréchal Joffre).
The foundation stone was laid on April12th.
The Church was inaugurated on October 3rd.

1914-1918: World War I
Every day there was a prayer meeting for the soldiers in action. The Church members took part in the setting of a hospital (sub-hospital) in Colombes.
December 1916: A special collection was organized for Christmas, on behalf of the Roland Mission in Kabylie (North Africa). Miss Lohr, a member of the Church was working as a missionary there.

1921: Representatives accredited from different churches: Colombes, Nîmes, Paris (Bonne Nouvelle), Court, Tramelan and La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland), gathered in Colombes, in order to found the French-speaking Evangelical Baptist Church Association (“Association Évangélique des Églises Baptistes de Langue Française”).

1925: Opening of a hall for evangelization in the area “Petit Colombes”.

1928: 25th anniversary of the Church, which had then 130 members out of 44 000 inhabitants in Colombes. A Chapel of ease was created in Paris 72, rue de Sèvres, born of Mr. Guedj’s evangelization work in Houlgate, with holidaymakers. This Church still exists.

1933: Death of Mr. Raynaud in June. He was 67 years old. Mr. Émile Guedj was asked to take his place by the majority of the members.

2. The “Guedj period”: 1933-1958

1936: An annex was built behind the main building.

1939 : World War II
The war broke out and the Church members were scattered. Some were soldiers, others prisoners, others, members of the Résistance (hiding Jews). Rev. Guedj was mobilized. Every day the Christians of Colombes met for a prayer meeting.

Prisoner's homecoming meeting

December 1941: Rev. Guedj, who was of Jewish extraction, was arrested by the Gestapo for one day. Thanks to the Lord, nothing further happened.

1944: Rev. Itty succeeded to Rev. Guedj as a pastor in the Church of the rue de Sèvres.

May 8th 1945: End of the war.

1946: No one was missing. A special meeting was organized for the prisoners’ homecoming.
Rev. Guedj asked Mr. Raymond Tousch to go to England for Bible studies. Mr. Raymond Tousch left Colombes for over a year. When he came back he was appointed pastor assistant and evangelist. He was first sounded out to replace Rev. Itty who had left the Church rue de Sèvres to sail to the West Indies but eventually he stayed in Colombes after Rev. Guedj’s wife death.

1954: Many of the members left the Church to build a new church in the “Petit Colombes”.

1958: Rev. Guedj left with another group to gather in La Garenne-Colombes. Rev. Raymond Tousch took over the responsibilities in Colombes.

3. The “Tousch period”: 1958-1977
Rev. Tousch

It is the time when Paris was the turntable to join Africa. The Church welcomed many missionaries, mostly American, Canadian and English. The Church was also involved in this work by sending medicines in African countries (Niger for example).

The Church began an evangelization work among Yugoslavian people, and also among homeless people. It helped more particularly the « Mission Évangélique parmi les Sans Logis », in Paris. Many contacts were raised with different evangelists and their Churches.

The Church ground was enlarged with a car park. A Christian library was opened.

1977: Rev. Raymond Tousch died suddenly of a severe disease.

4. Nowadays

After Rev. Raymond Tousch’s death brethren from different fellow churches brought their assistance (Rev. Frédéric Buhler, Mr. Richard Rohner, Rev. Andrew Barnes, Mr. Jean-Claude Lienhard and Mr. Michel Gendrel). Their help turned out to be a real blessing.
Today, a few brothers have the responsibility of taking care of the Church. The Elder is Mr. Daniel Tousch and he is helped by brethren and fellow-Christian visitors. The weekly evangelization work and the help for numerous missionaries in France and abroad goes on.

October 2003: The Church celebrated its 100th anniversary.

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